Amstrads in the US

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Jan 15 10:58:18 1998

At 08:07 PM 1/14/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>Well let me tell you a good/disgusting one: I spent 4 full days going from
>>junck store to junk store trying to find Classics. All 30 or so stores
>>visited told me the same story:
>>We do not keep them! We throw them out as soon as they come in! There is no
>>market for that kind of stuff.
>Well, in that case, what I would do(if I had the money, which I don't) is

   Why don't you just leave your phone number with them and ask them to
call you when that stuff comes in. Tell them that you'll take it instead of
them filling up their trash with it. I'll bet they'll do it.

>go around and make deals with the stores to buy that old equipment from
>them when it comes in... Then you can fix them up, keep what you like and
>sell the rest to people that actually like the older systems.
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