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From: John Foust <jfoust_at_threedee.com>
Date: Thu Jan 15 08:59:20 1998

Tim Shoppa <shoppa_at_alph02.triumf.ca> wrote:
>I've sold several S-100 based systems with 8"
>floppy drives, paper tape readers, etc., to Microsoft employees who
>are hoping to make backups of the first ten years of Microsoft
>software in the archives there.

I'd love to exchange e-mail with them, if you still have their
addresses. On my web page is the source and Win32 executables
to Claus Giloi's Altair / IMSAI emulators. I think these are
fun because they're GUI re-creations: you even have to click
on the power switch to turn them on. In my Copious Spare Time,
it would be fun to add virtual peripherals and sound effects:
a Lancaster TV typewriter, ASR-33, disk drives, etc.

I'd also like to archive some sample programs that people could
toggle in... anyone out there have some in electronic form?
I don't have real IMSAI/Altair just yet, but I'm working on it.

>And Paul Allen just bought a XKL (PDP-10 clone), in
>part to recreate their original software development environment - I think!

Actually, that's Allen's company. Wouldn't it be nice to have
nearly unlimited resources in order to fund your daydreams?
Or is it more fun to dumpster-dive to save nifty bits?
I'm not sure. :-)

- John
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