Amstrads in the US

From: Francois Auradon <>
Date: Thu Jan 15 21:32:27 1998

Well you show me what you have and I'll show you what I can find:)
Seriously I would very much like to find an Oric1 and an Atmos, I remember
drooling over the Electronique Pratique magazines when I was living in
France. There are also a few more that I have not seen around here but it
may well be like the amstrads who apparently made to Florida and not to
Minnesota (they must pretty smart machines;)
I have absolutely no clue as to what shipping from France to the US can cost
(the las shipping I did over the ocean was in 1989 when I moved to the US)

>I live in France ;-) but it IS my hobby TOO so how do we split the
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