Uncles/PC-C64c file transfers

From: John Higginbotham <higginbo_at_netpath.net>
Date: Thu Jan 15 21:17:12 1998

At 10:02 PM 1/15/98, you wrote:

>Then you just need to find the program that allows the IBM to read/write
>Commie progs / files to the drive; which I know is out there somewhere.
>(No, I don't watch the X files... ;-)

Or maybe there's a program that'll let me read/write commodore disks in a
PC 5.25" drive. Anyone? Anyone?

>I do have somewhere the circuit that allows you to hook up an Atari drive,
>which used a similar arrangement.

I never got into building circuits and such. I'm cursed with big, fumbling
hands. Some people say I can draw pretty good
(http://limbo.netpath.net/art/), I can type, I can mouse, but please,
whatever you do, do not put a soldering iron in my hand!

If the circuit is the only way to go, I think I'll pass.

-John Higginbotham-
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