Uncles/PC-C64c file transfers

From: John Higginbotham <higginbo_at_netpath.net>
Date: Thu Jan 15 21:51:51 1998

At 07:10 PM 1/15/98 -0800, you wrote:

>That was the cheap, but hard way. Now for the easy, but expensive way.
>Lay out about $100 and get a Catweasel board either for your PC or better

Where's that webpage again? That sounds interesting, even if I don't get one.

>>While we're talking commodores, what's so special about the C-64c besides
>>the C-128 style case?
>Based on the answers I got a week or two ago, apparently nothing.

Ah, progress! Sometimes I wonder what drives computer companies to waste
resources like that.

-John Higginbotham-
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