metal telepathy/Great White Trader

From: John Higginbotham <>
Date: Thu Jan 15 21:51:53 1998

At 10:30 PM 1/15/98 EST, you wrote:
>ive had that happen meself. thanks to it, i got two undisk drives and colour
>composite monitor that way for my //e. in another instance, i found a
>//e with matching unidisk and colour monitor at a separate place as well as
>stopping by a place i went once before and got my atari portfolio.

Anyone remember that story about the mouse that wanted some cheese, and he
had to go make all these other deals with the other animals, finding the
dog a bone, etc, until he finally got the cheese?

While flea market hopping one day about two years back, I came across a
TRS-80 model 100 in mint condition, included hard plastic carrying case,
data recorder, acoustic couplers, and manual. I paid $25 for the whole rig.
Kept it until a few months ago, when I saw a message on a newsgroup
somewhere. This guy wanted to trade an Atari Portfolio for an M100. I
traded him the M100 itself, none of the accessories for it (Since I had an
NEC PC8201a too I could use the other stuff with) for the Portfolio, with
the serial and parallel modules, manual, 3 memory cards, the works. Then,
about a month later, I found another collector that was having a big moving
sale. I traded the portfolio for a Zenith 386sx laptop, which I then ended
up selling for $176. But I swear if I kept doing the trading loop thing,
before too long I would have ended up with a active matrix pentium laptop
somewhere down the line, maybe even a car. :)

-John Higginbotham-
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