Power Problem (slightly offtopic?)

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Date: Sun Jan 18 07:08:16 1998

This Power Good "PG" is pin 1 AND there is another problem that you
might not know about is 5v power wire missing on few PSU's next to PG
is pin 2. Using 180W PSU like that with most modern boards do
squat. Stealing a contact complete with wire from dud PSU and
connect that tail end to +5v bus and push that into that pin 2 hole,
that will make 80% of modern boards happy. Don't understand that
unless that 5v is only juice for the bus! Wire colors is foolish, I
hae seen many that did not follow the coloring of the ibm but the
pinout exactly the same as intended.

Jason D.

> John Higginbotham wrote:
> > I was putting together this system the other day at work, got everything
> > setup, turned it on, and it was fine. But when I hit reset or power down,
> > I
> > can't get it to come back up at all. The hard drives would init, the
> > cd-rom
> > drives would power up, but nothing would come up on screen, no memory
> > check, etc. I could then reset a few times and it would eventually come
> > up.
> One of the problems with the older switching power supplies used on the IBM
> and clones was the "power good" line (2nd from the end furthest from the red
> wires.) If it didn't come up, the motherboard would not fire up and sit
> there waiting for that line to tell it that the power was okay. Other
> wierdnesses occurred when the line went true before the power supply was
> truely up to spec. On one unit, I used to have to hold in the reset button
> while turning on the computer in order to get it to fire up properly.
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