Power Problem (slightly offtopic?)

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Sun Jan 18 16:45:20 1998

jpero_at_cgo.wave.ca wrote:

> This Power Good "PG" is pin 1 AND there is another problem that you
> might not know about is 5v power wire missing on few PSU's next to PG
> is pin 2. Using 180W PSU like that with most modern boards do
> squat.

Oops, got pin1 and 2 mixed up; thanks for pointing that out. According to
the IBM AT schematics, pin 2 is tied to +5 VDC on the motherboard. I also
have seen a *few* motherboards that won't work unless a lead to pin2 is
present. A number of the newer motherboards seem to have the power good
circuit on the motherboard and don't depend on the power supply.

> Wire colors is foolish, I have seen many that did not follow the
> coloring of the ibm but the
> pinout exactly the same as intended.

I have never seen a power supply for IBM style where there was anything but
red for +5 VDC and black for 5VDC Ground. I have seen different colors used
on the +/- 12 VDC and power good lines though. My comment for about the
last 10 years or so to people asking how to put on the power connectors to
the motherboard is to make sure that the black leads are together in the
center. Haven't seen an exception yet.
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