From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Jan 18 13:13:47 1998

<A while ago, I mentioned that I had a DECMate III, the one without
<the hard drive. It has two DECWrite manuals, a disk set for the same,

<Could anyone tell me what OS I can use on this, where I can get it,
<and how to install it. The DEC is not at my house, and any mistake will

DECMATE-III is a sorta PDP-8 using the harris 6120 chip that is a
microprocessor clone of the basic PDP-8 with some added features.
With some notable exceptions it will run most PDP-8 software and there
are some spcific DECMATE modified veriosn out there like OS/8 and
operating system. FYI DECMATEs nominally run WPS a word processing,
list management, spread sheet and communications terminal emulation
package unique to them.

If you can surf the web most of the software for PDP-8 and DECmates are
out there along with tech info. To get the OS on the decmate there are
two paths... get someone to make a copy of the OS/8 disk set(its
permitted) or down load the files from those sites and use PUTR ot
teledisk(disk cloner) and a 1.2m 5.25" drive on a PC.

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