Uncles/PC-C64c file transfers

From: Scott McLauchlan <scott_at_isd.canberra.edu.au>
Date: Sun Jan 18 21:03:11 1998

At 10:26 17/01/98 -0800, Larry Anderson wrote:
>>Okay, so I have a C-64c, 1541 floppy, and monitor. Now how exactly would I
>>go about downloading programs from the internet on my PC machine and
>>porting them over to the Commodore? Will I need a special serial cable? I
>>have the 64 boxed up at the moment so can't really tell what I need.

> Finaly (if nesessary) convert the file, it it is .D64 there are a few
>d64 to 1541 utilities out there for both the 64 and 128. T64 is a
>different story, it will need to go to tape, and even though I know it
>can be done I am unsure whether or not a utility exists yet for the 64.

Actually, you can transfer .T64 files to disk without any problem. .D64 is
a disk image format, .T64 is simply a single file. Just transfer it as a
PRG file and it should work fine.


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