Mini & Mainframe Power Requirements

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sun Jan 18 21:11:11 1998

William Donzelli wrote:

> Some big old IBM systems want to have 400 Hz power. It is used so the
> power supplies can be made smaller, especially in the filtering circuits.
> This is probably more of a problem that needing 3-phase (a double whammy
> if 400 Hz 3-phase power is needed!), because 400 Hz supplies are
> EXPENSIVE, often taking the shape of big motor-generators.

So go to your nearest airport and steal an APU. 400hz 3-phase is
standard aircraft electrics (because motors and such can be made
smaller). It's what I dealt with in the USAF -- didn't know it
was popular on the ground once away from the maintenance shops
around the flightline. (Oh, that APU will burn kerosene very
happily -- in fact, if you try gasoline, your neighbors will
object loudly when it blows up and burns down the neighborhood.
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