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Date: Mon Jan 19 03:03:24 1998

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>>Haddock says (now that I'm home) the Compass was early 1982, $6000-8000.
>Forgive me, my ignorance, O Wise One, but what is this Haddock?
I think that's the first time anyone's ever called me wise (except, of
course, myself, who knew it all along.) 8^)

Haddock, Dr. Thomas F., author of "A Collector's Guide to Personal
Computers and Pocket Calculators", ISBN # 0-89689-098-8.

It's an excellent first go at a refernce book on collectible
microcomputers; incomplete, and inconistant, but a good start. (I can't
speak for the calculator part.) Prices are not realistic (some too high,
others too low) and missing a lot of machines, but good for what it's got.
I think I got my copy from amazon ( but other
bookstores (like powell's ( might have it as well.)

His PhD, btw, is in physics, and he's also the author of a book on Jag
E-type restoration. Go figure.
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