ID help (Commie, IBM, Nissho?)

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 11:04:36 1998

On 19 Jan 98 at 3:03, Uncle Roger wrote:

> Spotted a few things that someone might be interested in, and that I wasn't
> sure what they were...
> First, and oddest, was a pizza box labelled Nissho Electronics. Looked
> like a workstation, one 3.5". Almost got it, but for $26... Anyone know
> what it might have been?
> Commodore 64 for $5, 64c in the box for $15 -- Anyone interested?
> I know what a 1541 disk drive is, but what about a Vic-1541? Is it worth $10?
 Except for the color their the same. 1541s go for about $5 (can) in
local thrift stores. The Vic-1541s' value would be to Vic collectors
as they're becoming a little harder to come by.

> I did pick up a C modem/300 (model 1660) for $.99 and an Osborne 1 keyboard
> (only!) for (I know, too much, but it's an Osborne!) $5.
> Oh, they also had a few IBM PS/2 style monitors with a single RCA jack
> input on the back; they were mounted on little stands, kinda like (I think)
> the Apple IIc monitors. Possibly Composite? Possibly from some POS
> terminal/cash register? A little steep at $26 though. (Looked new though!)
 What denotes a PS/2 "style" monitor ? I haven't heard this term
before and have several P/S2 s. The RCA jack would suggest a
composite monitor.

ciao larry
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