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Date: Mon Jan 19 12:03:32 1998

Hi anyone!

> On 19 Jan 98 at 3:03, Uncle Roger wrote:

> > Oh, they also had a few IBM PS/2 style monitors with a single RCA jack
> > input on the back; they were mounted on little stands, kinda like (I think)
> > the Apple IIc monitors. Possibly Composite? Possibly from some POS
> > terminal/cash register? A little steep at $26 though. (Looked new though!)
> >
> What denotes a PS/2 "style" monitor ? I haven't heard this term
> before and have several P/S2 s. The RCA jack would suggest a
> composite monitor.

I also call this into question because IBM if I hear hint of PS/2 or
PS/2 style always are compatiable with IBM PS/2 standard not pre-PS/2
where it used TTL levels or (for IBM's didn't had a ibm monitor with
RCA (composite) connection, clones and other non-ibm brands did.)
Only once, IBM made CGA cards with that connection so users can use
TV (40 columns GAG!) or hi quality composite monitors required to
resolve 80 and graphics better but quality is still average because
of visible lines. EGA still have this "lines but not so bad" The TTL
is wonderful but even better attached by HGC card. The pre-VGA was
PGA that bombed because IBM asked too much and too much resource
requirements. Takes 3 slots, cost over 4K for complete set and talks
thru slow 8 bit slot. The final killer it has weirdo hardware
acceleration that is fully 5-10 years ahead of software's time.

Oh, I do have a labeled "IBM" VGA mono 9" in PS/2 style and paid 150
in early 90's as a bench monitor. The original video signal
black cable gave up (common! I suspected that IBM used specific
cable maker who brundled the wires TOO TIGHTLY. But if you have
comments on this cable failures, please do so.) so I used $5 VGA
extender cable and snipped one end off then put it in. This repair
lasted longer than that orignal cable and still going good! Light
and tiny. What was that monitor used for? POS? What else?

Larry, How did you gotten your PS/2 machines? I have bad time
finding one anywhere else in Canada. I do appreciate your help to
locate a older PS/2 machine box if you know of one very cheaply, if
you have need to know more, ask me by email if you wish.

Take care.

 Jason D.
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