New Finds

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 21:31:14 1998

Well over the last few days I've found a Multi-Tech Systems FM30 Data
Coupler with cord for .80; a Heathkit Digital Design Experimenter model
ET-3200-B for .80 no doc's where with it, will play around this weekend
with it; 2 SUN spreakerboxs' for $5 each this place has about 50 of them
for sale; Apple PC 5.25 ext drive for free not tested yet; a EPSON P.I.C.
parallel interface cartridge #8620A no way to test it for now; IBM pc
convertible printer and adapter unit for free got get convertible going to
test unit; a Apple plotter model A9M0302 for $15 need s some clean and
maybe parts before I can test it; Lisa with keyboard for .80 not tested yet
card slot in back were open as if someone too them out at the thrift store;
another Toshiba T1000 that works has carrying case power supply and
manuals; HP IIIsi for $15 needs work; Laserwriter II $15 needs work; Kodak
Diconix 150Plus free and not tested yet; LattisNet Synoptics model 102 $15
and not tested yet; a stripped Mac IIsi for free; and several other units
and parts that do not meet the ten year rule. I hope to have better luck
when all this snow goes away until them Keep Computing !! John
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