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Date: Mon Jan 19 17:13:37 1998

> I dibs the 486 and/or the VLB card, if it has drivers.

FWIW, I do NOT like to deal with oddball stuff becuase I have linux
and lot of stuff used on the boards so tends to stick with known
parts that works well with anything you can find on s/w's world. :)

Manney, Firstly, the VLB video card is generic and uses Tseng
ET4000ax BUT the s/w support is widely supported and Tseng web site
have the s/w for that older dos and win 3.x, win95 already have it
but I prefer to d/l the tseng's drivers for anything.

Two reasons I always try to find more Tseng cards was s/w support and
frame buffer performance is murderously FAST. The ET4000/w32i and p
is same but have acceleration built in. ET6x00 is out and in current
production. The biggie problem I could not find even one store or
supplier does not carry anything that uses Tseng chip in Kingston or
Toronto area. When I know of one that I can order a generic card
with that one with help from your guys in USA that is preferably
inexpensive later in time?

Even CL and Trident are dead slow compared to any Tseng chips.

So, that's could settle your doubts.

What's up with your cataloging your pile of motherboards going so

Jason D.
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