NeXT Cube

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 22:43:33 1998

Kip Crosby wrote:
> At 22:12 1/18/98 -0500, John wrote:
> >Okay, I know NeXT was the baby of Steve Jobs, but what exactly is it based
> >on? Is it an entirely new animal? If anyone can point me to some info, I'd
> >appreciate it.
> 68030- or 68040-based, running a variant of MACH UNIX called NeXTSTEP. At

Nonono. Mach bears a similar relationship to Unix to the one that
Linux has -- no AT&T or Berkley source code in the kernel. It was
an independent effort at what is now Posix by Carnegie-Mellon. It's
Mach, not "Mach Unix". A damned good effort at the time, actually.
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