PDP-8/Es available

From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Tue Jan 20 20:34:36 1998

Many of you may remember a small haul of Digital PDP-8/e minicomputers
that Jim Willing had sniffed out. Well, things have changed a bit...

It turns out there are _five_ systems in six racks (one processor may have
missing parts), with all sorts of extra stuff (EAE, RX02s, expansion
boxes, boatloads of core, etc.). Jim is getting one system, and I am
getting another, still another is probably spoken for, but rest are up for

The price?

$200 gets you as much of a system as you want - CPU only, or an entire
rack. In addition, Jim and I will need some help moving the stuff (located
in Charleston, West Virginia), mostly in the money department. I may need
to drive down to get the stuff in a rental truck (we take it all, or we
take none, thus we will need a truck) next week, or, as a back up plan,
Jim will look into shipping the stuff with a freight company. To be fair,
I must warn anyone that their share of initial shipping (getting them to
one of my storage locations) may be over $50.

I can store the stuff, either in Easton, PA (#2 storage locker),
Providence, RI (RCS/RI), or perhaps the new house just above New York
City. I will be packing and shipping Jim's stuff (he does not need a rack,
he says), and could probably do the same for any other parties. PDP-8/e
CPUs weigh about 90 pounds. I have lots of experience packing 90 pound
boxes for cross country trips (90 pound HFDF receivers, not one even
scratched). I would need shipping money and perhaps something for my
efforts, but not much. In other words, I can make deracked PDP-8/es
available to just about anyone in the U.S..

Anyway, do we have any interested parties? Remember, PDP-8s are not that
common anymore, especially ones with EAE (extended arithmetic element)!

Also, would anyone want to put in some time actually helping me unload
(they will help load)? A full system might weigh 500 pounds, and I really
do not look forward to unloading them by myself!

Please let me know as soon as possible, as the clock is ticking.

William Donzelli
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