MFM drives

Date: Tue Jan 20 19:18:55 1998

as I was going through my parts today, i decided to test some 5 old mfm
controller cards I was given by someone at work. it turns out that 5 mfm hard
drives i have have gone "bad" again (they worked previously), and all 5
controller cards have failed. it seems the only drive combination i have that
works is a kalok drive, and a full size adaptec controller card that came in
the 286 im testing all these in. over the past year, i betcha i've bought and
thrown away almost 40 bad controller cards! the drives i know worked before,
so i can just call debug and low level them again. ive already tried cabling
combinations, jumper and bios settings, swapping known good parts out, and so
forth. has anyone else had a fantastic failure rate with mfm controller cards?
seems like i have better luck with reviving hard drives. incidentally, would
anyone know what the proper jumper settings would be for an 8bit mfm
controller card? one is a WD1002-27X and the other is a WD1002A-WX1. they are
similar in appearance, but minor changes in chip layout and jumper settings.
both these cards won't init a good hard drive.

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