MFM drives

From: Barry Peterson <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 02:06:01 1998

On Tue, 20 Jan 1998 20:18:55 EST, you said:

>Ive already tried cabling
>combinations, jumper and bios settings, swapping known good parts out, and so
>forth. has anyone else had a fantastic failure rate with mfm controller cards?
>seems like i have better luck with reviving hard drives. incidentally, would
>anyone know what the proper jumper settings would be for an 8bit mfm
>controller card? one is a WD1002-27X and the other is a WD1002A-WX1. they are
>similar in appearance, but minor changes in chip layout and jumper settings.
>both these cards won't init a good hard drive.

My two favorite tools for HD work are the "On-Track Disk Manager
program V 5", and "Hard Drive Test Specs" program. DM lets you test,
LL format, create, and prep partitions.
HDTS shows jumpers and specs for controllers and drives, if you don't
have the info you need, email me and I'll get it.

Barry Peterson
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