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From: John Rollins <rexstout_at_ptld.uswest.net>
Date: Thu Jan 22 01:07:12 1998

>I'll leave this public since it might be useful to someone...I'm 29 now
>but when I was 16 or 17 my parents expended GREAT energy trying to get me
>to stop playing with computers because my dad thought they were a FAD
>(hahahahahahahahahahaa) and my mom thought it was unhealthy for me to
>hide in the basement all the time like some brain-damaged monster.
Well, I AM 17, and I'm up to 30 computers or so... Let me see if I can
remember them all, my web site is a partial listing.
    Apple IIe(free)
    Apple IIgs(free)
    Epson PX-8(free)
    Mac 512K($15)
    Mac 512K(made from parts I got for free)
    Mac 128K(under repair, free from same person as PX-8)
    Mac PowerBook Duo 270c($1000, actually my moms computer but I use it)
    Mac IIvx(fun machine, 12/80/CD config, Radius Pivot monitor, got it on
clearance when Apple stopped making the IIvx)
    PowerMac 6500/250(got it in July 97, MacOS 8 and 15AV monitor bundled
for $8 for MacOS 8 debut, 48/3.7GB config)
    Mac SE($1, 4/80 config, originally 4/20 but 20meg MiniScribe died loudly)
    IBM 5150(free640k/20MB)
    IBM 5160(free, 640k/30MB)
    Leading Edge DC-2010E(free, 8088 clone, 640k/30MB)
    Zenith SupersPort 286 laptop($20, 640k/20MB)
    IBM Series/1 minicomputer(free, HUGE, I'm guessing a half ton, some
people say it was probably more)
        4956-K00 CPU
        4959 I/O expansion
        4964 8" floppy drive
        4967 200MB HD
        4968 70MB tape drive
        4978 Display Station(got two of them)
        BIG pile of manuals
    TI-99/4A(It's been around here forever, before I even knew what a
computer was)
    Apollo DN3500(free, traded in my Cambridge Computing Z88 for 3500 &
spare for parts)
    IBM PS/2 Model 30-286(free, ISA, 1/20)
    IBM PS/2 Model 50Z(free, 80286, MCA, 2/60, I think. I also have two
spare CPU's with no RAM/HD/FD)
    IBM PS/2 Model 55sx(free, 80386, MCA also 2/60)
    IBM PS/2 Model 80($50, 80386/FPU, MCA, 2/70
    Apple DuoDock(goes with Duo 270c)
    Intel Microcomputer 386(free, has problems, Y2K bug in BIOS, Intel
should stick to chips and let others make the computers)
    Compaq Deskpro 386s(free, 5/40)
And printers, too!
    HP DeskWriter 680c(clearance at Computer City, I'd rather have a 560c)
    Apple StyleWriter II(got it new with Mac IIvx)
    Apple LaserWriter Plus(free, upgraded from original LW)
    IBM 4019 LaserPrinter(free, broken power supply)
    Panasonic KX-P1000(I think it was free, I don't remember)
    Some wierd Seikosha printer with interface for TI-99/4A(I don't
remember anything about it)
I know there is something missing... I just can't remember what. Well, that
fills up the basement... And my parents aren't too happy about it.
Especially with the Series/1, that drives them crazy. It drives me crazy
too :-) It's going to take a while to get it running. Basically, I try to
grab any computer that is free(or cheap). That's what led me to the above
As for getting a job, I'm hoping for something in the electronics/computer
industry... I might even try to start my own computer repair shop(mainly
dealing with old computers, of course). Right now I'm busy volunteering in
the computer lab at OMSI<www.omsi.edu>, and I'm going to start volunteering
on the USS Blueback, which is parked on the Willamette River right outside

-JR http://members.tripod.com/~jrollins/index.html
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