Need Keyboard for DEC VT-220

From: Wirehead Prime <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 20:09:15 1998

Got a couple interesting items tonight...a DecMate II in a tower's just the desktop case stuffed inside a retrofit tower
enclosure...still kinda nice.

Also got a VT220 without a keyboard. Does anyone have a working keyboard
they're willing to get rid of for the cost of shipping?

In addition, I got a big box 24 inches wide or so, a couple feet deep and
like 18 inches tall...called a DEC Communications Server. Not very heavy
and has some DB25 (presumably RS232) connectors on the front. What
precisely IS it? Terminal server? Mux?


Anthony Clifton - Wirehead

PS: Also got a bunch of dial and leased line modems...Paradynes,
etc...lots and LOTS of pretty Homer would say,
"aaaaggggghghhlllggghhhh". =-)
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