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Date: Thu Jan 22 13:47:49 1998

> >What's the best way to clean out toner fluid from laser printers(or in my
> >case a photcopier)? There's toner all over the inside, and it needs a lot
> >of cleaning, but I don't want to destroy it trying to clean everything.
Fluid? (are you sure?), oh man, is that clear thing or black inky
thing? That requires major work than you would think, you need to
draw up where things fits and it's pulley systems, etc... otherwise
hire the proper authorized service for that brand on this one.
> You must be very careful! The easiest way to do this is with a soft brush
> and a vacuum cleaner, but because some varieties of toner are explosive, you
> have to use a vacuum cleaner with a sparkless motor. Special ones are made
> and sold for this purpose but they ain't cheap -- I don't know if you could
> rent one.
> Years ago at my last office job, a reload toner cart came apart and left
> toner all over the inside of a Laserjet IID. We wanted to call HP service
> but the skinflint boss insisted we clean it up ourselves. The receptionist
> went at it with a garden-variety hand vac which shot a six-inch flame out
> the exhaust, ruined the vac motor and scorched the wall. I didn't see the
> flame but I sure saw the burn on the wall.
> /kc

John, /kc is right. he is saying basically (me) assume all dry
powder toner is flammable and explosive. Yes, it's explosive. A
spark, Boom! I have heard several times some got hurt or got scared
when vacuum cleaners blew apart or chewed the motor by those gritty

So, if it's dry powder type, please part any major out much as you
can and clean each individually with cool or lukewarm soapy water
with old brush followed by plain water rinse, dry them with some
paper towel partly dampened w/ alcohol scrubbed on. Not FUN.
:) A stupid owner who left the cartidge left in my printer that was
moved, spilling it all over inside. Any electronic boards has to be
out and brushed really good, wash every nook and crannies of the
case, any parts, some moving parts. If the some parts is lubed
was washed off, relube them with lithium lube easily gotten from
proper electronics store. This is compareable to smoke damage repair
work. I ditto on that on other impact printer.

The stinky toner powder is very fine than dry plain dust and coat
everything all over as one works on this project, will give few

You're advised to buy a box/bag worth of disposable
dust masks (a must!) and box of surgical vinyl gloves if you want
easier clean up of your hands. These 2 things are cheap than
you're would think. Old clothes or dispoable overall clothes.
Remember, the excessive heat will set the toner.

Please, no hurry as you will spend more than a day or few days on
that distasteful task.

I did and learned this lesson well, and sneezed black mucous
cleared up in short order. :P Now, I will know next time toner
spill happens again.

Oh yes, I did part out a junked too old (dial-type and used relays)
tossed-about, banged up copier which used fluidic black toner
that dried up for how long I dunno!

Jason D.
Pero, Jason D.
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