Need Keyboard for DEC VT-220

From: Steve J. Quest <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 23:00:19 1998

On Thu, 22 Jan 1998, Wirehead Prime wrote:

> Got a couple interesting items tonight...a DecMate II in a tower
>'s just the desktop case stuffed inside a retrofit tower
> enclosure...still kinda nice.

        Just curious, is this item of any value? Does anyone know? Rare?

> Also got a VT220 without a keyboard. Does anyone have a working keyboard
> they're willing to get rid of for the cost of shipping?

        The keyboard for it is up at the Science Center, see if they
aren't still using it, if not, go get it back. :)

> In addition, I got a big box 24 inches wide or so, a couple feet deep and
> like 18 inches tall...called a DEC Communications Server. Not very heavy
> and has some DB25 (presumably RS232) connectors on the front. What
> precisely IS it? Terminal server? Mux?

        It's a multiplexor, takes many ports and multiplexes them into one
output which goes to the dedicated modem. Look on the _back_ of the
communications server, that's where it comes out, it goes in on the front,
up to 8 or so cards can be mounted for input channels. :)

> Thanks...

        No, thank YOU. :) Hope it all found a happy home. :)

> PS: Also got a bunch of dial and leased line modems...Paradynes,
> etc...lots and LOTS of pretty Homer would say,
> "aaaaggggghghhlllggghhhh". =-)

        Does anyone know if a Paradyne VHS-19.2 will talk to a Motorola
Codex? I know the Codex and one of the Paradynes works, but I'm not sure
about the other paradyne, the disassembled one. I think it's broken.


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