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On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, Barry Peterson wrote:

> On Thu, 22 Jan 1998 07:31:42 -0500, you said:
> >Could someone (briefly) describe the differences between a Kaypro II and a
> >Kayro 2 (2X ?)
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> The 2X is what I have, the 2 is what I don't have...
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> (I asked the same question a while back with no answer)
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There are probably enough exceptions to make a liar out of anyone.
However, in general the machines are related like this:

        Kaypro II - first of the volume produced Kaypros. Came in a
couple of versions as defined by the Boot EPROM. The 81-149-C was the
early version, followed by the 81-232. These units had SSDD full
height drives stacked vertically. Early models had a fixed power cord,
later versions had the plugin variety. These machines were the
predecessor of the Kaypro 4. They are considered as '83 machines.

        Kaypro 2 - this was a later ('84) version of the Kaypro, which
usually featured half height drives stacked vertically. Front panel
sheet metal appeared between the drives. Again, the drives were normally
SSDD. The boot EPROM was the 81-292. They shared a common motherboard
with the Kaypro 4.

        Kaypro 2X - this was really a 4 in sheep's clothing. They
usually carried EPROM 81-292 and shared a motherboard with the late
Kaypro 4s. Drives were half height DSDD stacked vertically like the
Kaypro 2. Some Kaypro 2X's had the built in real time clock and modem.
Others had one or none! Some carried the dreaded 81-478 U-ROM which was
Kaypro's approach to one that would cover any and all of their 8-bit

I have probably missed a couple of details, but that is the general
thrust of things.
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