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Date: Fri Jan 23 07:29:55 1998

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>Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net> wrote:
>> Got this from a friend of mine:
>> I've never heard of an HP2250 either, but according to the 1983 HP
>> catalog, the HP2250A is a "Measurement and Control Processor." It's
>> designed to work with the HP1000 and HP9800 computers via an HP-IB
>1983 is probably about right -- it's not in the 1980 or 1981
>Measurement/Computation catalogs. Instead there is something called
>a 2240A that seems to be about the same idea.
>Hmm. I guess I don't quite understand how this is substantially
>different from a 6940B or 6942A Multiprogrammer, but then I haven't
>worked with any of them. Well, the 694xs get a few more pages in the
>catalogs, look like they might have a wider range of I/O cards, and I
>gather the 6940B may be what you needed to resort to for
>faster-than-HP-IB communications with the controlling host processor
>(it can use a 16-bit parallel interface).

  This was much bigger than a mulltiprogrammer. I've seen a bunch of those
and they're only about 6 or 8" tall. This appeared to be much taller. The
multiprommers are operated by an exteranl computer. Apparently these
contain a computer similar to a HP 1000.
>Joe, did you tell me (in private mail) that this thing was mounted in
>a rack? There's a picture in the 1981 catalog of something called a

   I couldn't see the front or back so I don't know if it's rack mounted or
not, it appears to be able the same width as a rack.

>System 9030 that looks like a desk-height rack with woodgrain top and
>wheels, and the accompanying paragraph of text:
>"The HP 2240 can be installed in a roll-around cabinet with plug
>connectors for portable use. Adding a controller (HP 9825, 9835, or
>9845) and available exercising software, the preconfigured combination
>is called the HP System 9030. Contact your local HP office for
>information about specific ordering constraints."

   There was a bunch of interfaces and disk drives around for the 98xx
machines so that may be what this is. It looke like it may have a keyboard
sticking out and a CRT mounted above so it may have a 9845 installed. I'm
going to have to go back there when I'm not rushed and take a better look.
>The picture has what I'd guess to be a 9835A sitting on the woodgrain
>top, presumably looking like the expected controller.
>If the 2250A is anything like the 2240A, it's a smallish 19"
>rack-mountable box, maybe 12" tall. Meaning that about half the
>System 9030 rack is taken up with something else, maybe the "plug
>connectors" mentioned above?
    A 9845 or 9835B with a CRT is pretty good size just by itself.


>-Frank McConnell
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