MFM drives

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 23:22:52 1998

>My two favorite tools for HD work are the "On-Track Disk Manager
>program V 5", and "Hard Drive Test Specs" program. DM lets you test,
>LL format, create, and prep partitions.

I will give a hearty second to the recommendation for Disk Manager. Can't
be beat. If you've ever swapped a hard drive, or you ever plan to, get
this program! If you even know what a hard drive is, you should probably
have it.

Also good is LapLink Pro, which allows you to transfer itself to another
computer without having to use diskettes -- handy for those older (PC)
machines (like >10 years) whose floppy drives have gone south, but you want
access to the hard drive.

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