MFM drives & Interlink

From: Mike Allison <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 00:14:17 1998

I saw LapLink Pro and it looked great, but was a bit complex as the
manual seemed ambig.

On a lark, I picked up some laplink - type yellow cables at the thrift
store and ran them through Interlnk & Intersvr on DOS 6. Worked really
neat. If you have dos on both machines, try that first, if you an
borrow or otherwise get the cables.

Haven't got the direct connect on '95 to work yet, but that's progress
for ya...


Uncle Roger wrote:
> >My two favorite tools for HD work are the "On-Track Disk Manager
> >program V 5", and "Hard Drive Test Specs" program. DM lets you test,
> >LL format, create, and prep partitions.
> I will give a hearty second to the recommendation for Disk Manager. Can't
> be beat. If you've ever swapped a hard drive, or you ever plan to, get
> this program! If you even know what a hard drive is, you should probably
> have it.
> Also good is LapLink Pro, which allows you to transfer itself to another
> computer without having to use diskettes -- handy for those older (PC)
> machines (like >10 years) whose floppy drives have gone south, but you want
> access to the hard drive.
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