Mac development

From: Mike Allison <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 00:10:55 1998

Newbie, been lurking...

I thought the first C on the MAC was Think C. The PWS was in Pascal to
take advantage of the native Pascal code.

'Could be wrong, of course...

-Mike Allison

T Owad wrote:
> >I know that programming on the Macintosh is hell, but I would still
> >like to try it, on an old one. Does anyone know where I could get
> >Inside Macintosh for the Mac SE era? Also, what should I use to develop?
> >I don't believe they used CodeWarrior all along! Didn't Apple sell an
> >IDE?
> My favorite is the now discontinued Think Pascal. You should be able to find
> it used for under $100. Apple used to sell a compilation of tools called
> 'Macintosh Programmer's Workshop', but from what i understand it was never
> that impressive. If you're just want to play around Chipmunk BASIC can be had
> as freeware.
> I saw the complete set of Inside Macintosh on CD-ROM at Border's Bookstore
> for $99. I recall hearing you can download individual chapters from the books
> via Apple's web site, but I can't confirm that.
> Sincerely,
> Tom Owad
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