Are We Not Men? (& Women?) [OT^2] (Was Re: PDP-8/Es available [NOT!])

From: Bill Richman <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 13:42:55 1998

Personally, I _enjoy_ hearing a little bit about the lives of people
who share some of my interests. The world (including the government,
your employer, your friends, etc.) tends to pigeon-hole us enough
without our voluntarily doing it to ourselves. Yes, I'm on this list
because I enjoy classic computers, but I also enjoy the _people_ who
are into them, and what they do when they're not "hiding in the
basement". Granted, I jumped into a discussion when I first joined
this list a few months ago and made some comments in ignorance that
probably got me on a few "dumbass" lists, but I hope I've redeemed
myself in some small way since then. I'm sorry if this terribly
"off-topic" post annoys anyone, but since we're all "just folks" here,
I hope it will be forgiven. I'm tired of compartmentalizing myself to
meet other people's expectations.

                            -Bill Richman
                             (Home of the COSMAC Elf Simulator!)
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