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From: John Rollins <rexstout_at_ptld.uswest.net>
Date: Sat Jan 24 14:00:13 1998

>If you ask me, it is better to have a social life and do drugs (though
>I am firmly against drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and firearms) than not
>do drugs and sit for years in the basement without seeing the light
>of day. It seems to me that since we all die anyway, might as well
>enjoy. I am not brave enough to take that approach, so I sit at my
>computer all day (when I am not at school-I am in 9th grade).
Drugs suck... They are screaming their heads off trying to legalize
marijuana when they should be getting rid of tobacco... My dad ended up in
the hospital getting a quadruple bypass surgery, the only reason it wasn't
worse than that is that he had stopped smoking about a year before that
when he had a heart attack. Although eating fast food most of the time
probably didn't help...
I LIKE sitting in a basement all day... I wake up around noon, go check my
email, grab something to eat, go try to figure out where I put that repair
manual for whichever computer is broken today, eat a snack, try to find
parts to repair the broken computer, eat lunch, try to fix the computer and
break it again, surf the web for a couple of hours trying to find someting
about my broken computer, eat dinner, go to sleep at 3am... OK, so I'm not
quite THAT far gone, but you get the idea. I also volunteer at the local
science museum once a week in the computer lab(30-odd computers and a
sleeping System/34 in the corner), and I might even start working on the
submarine parked outside... So I'm not in the basement all day. In the
summer I ride around the neighborhood on my bike for a while, although it
gets pretty boring. I think it's better to spend the summer in a nice cool
basement and only go outside in the morning when it's cooler, or maybe just
in the spring and fall. And then spend half the winter inside sitting in
front of a nice big fire. And the only reason I get away with this isthat
I'm home schooled... Been doing that for a while, but the first year was
the worst. The entire year my mom sat there torturing me with
multiplication tables... I hated it, but it worked. Right now I'm refusing
to go near anything that hasto do with algebra(keep getting stuck on a few
things), but all the stuff that interests me(quantum whatchamacallits,
trig, and all that other fancy stuff) you need to get past algebra first...
And that's where I've been stuck for the past two or three years. I HATE
ALGEBRA!!! And learning morse code so I can get a ham radio license is the
perfect excuse to stay away from it... :-) Well, I can't stay in the
basement much longer, I need to go get supplies to keep my computers
running! Well, I guess I'd better go get a job so I can buy the stuff
before my computers completely fall apart.
Anyone sick of reading my email yet? I am... I don't think we could get
much more off topic than this.

-JR http://members.tripod.com/~jrollins/index.html
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