Diagnostics for IBM PC AT ver 2.02

From: SUPRDAVE <SUPRDAVE_at_aol.com>
Date: Sun Jan 25 06:23:53 1998

I had bought an AT at an auction sale once. it was the old type 1 board, with
512k and double stacked ram chips. much to my surprise, it was upgraded to the
familiar AMI bios, which of course gave it type 47 for user defined drives!
should of kept it for that reason. i sold it before i started my collection in


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<< Correct. The PC/AT bios only stores a drive code (a number that points to
 a table in the ROM) in the CMOS RAM/RTC chip. There's no support for
 storing drive parameters there.
 That's why there's a kludge ROM in this machine with a patched drive
 table so I could add a larger IDE drive to it. >>
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