IBM Portable Personal Computer

From: Cliff Gregory <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 08:25:49 1998

The 5140 is the IBM convertible computer released in 1986, two years after
the 5155. A real nice machine, BTW. Closer to a true portable (weighs in
at about 12 lgs.) than the previous luggables by IBM, Compaq, Kaypro, et.
al. Also one of the first (not sure of what I speak here) with a LCD screen.
For a picture and complete specs go to:

Cliff Gregory

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>>I don't know, Sam, but as one who does a bit of IBM collecting, there
>>to be many more 5140s floating around out there than the 5155s. I have a
>>perfect 5140 in my collection, but the 5155 has eluded me (so far).
>I know what a 5155 is, I have two of those, but what is a 5140?
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