Are We Not Men? (& Women?) [OT^2] (Was Re: PDP-8/Es available [NOT!])

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 16:56:51 1998

On Sun, 25 Jan 1998, Scott Walde wrote:

> Sam, some people have expressed an interest in this general discussion...
> so far, you are the only one who has opposed it. I don't think it's
> really that hard to hit the delete button (but now I sound like a
> spammer). So... I would like to propose the following:

I have one last thing to say about this and then I'll start individually
spamming the offending parties instead of perpetuating this flood of
idiocy in the discussion.

Read the FAQ. The FAQ explains what this discussion group is for. It
is very plainly worded and is easy to understand. Everyone who joined
this discussion joined it on the basis of the what the FAQ proscribes.
For someone to post outside the bounds of the scope of this discussion
group is selfish and rude to those who joined the discussion and remain
within its discussion parameters.

> I have set up a listserv for computer collectors. Before you get uptight,
> There, if you want to discuss life outside of computers, there's a place
> for you (me). And Sam can be happy knowing that classiccmp can stay on
> topic.

Wonderful. Thank you.

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