Are We Not Men? (& Women?) [OT^2] (Was Re: PDP-8/Es available [NOT!])

From: Wirehead Prime <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 18:38:59 1998


My mail server must have been down the day you were put in charge. I,
for one, would like to hear Mr Whitson's comments on this matter.
Clearly there is a question of interpretation here and, seeing as how I've
received no warnings or chastisements directly from Bill or from anyone
else for that matter, I'll assume
that your opinion is either that of the minority or differs from his to
such a degree that it isn't worth the bits wasted in its transmission.

I suspect that you would do well to discard your copy of _Roberts Rules of
Order_ and procure a copy of _When Anger Hurts_. A (wo)man's
maturity is
defined not so much by his principles and unwavering rigidity in the face
of that which offends him as it is by the depth of his patience and his
tolerance for others in spite of his dissatisfaction with their behavior.

As I've said, I am not only confident but resolute that the
aforementioned discussion WAS, indeed, within the parameters set forth
for the group...IE the discussion of computer collecting, which is driven
by various motivations which are worthy of discussion in and of
themselves inasmuch as they reveal why one may wish to collect one sort
of computer over another or collect computers at all and recognizing that
we all need some reassurance, from time to time, that computer collecting
is not merely a deviance or eccentricity.

You reveal yourself in your words and the manner in which you convey
them. Should chastisement rain down upon me by the TRUE powers that be,
then I will accept such knowing that I did so as a mature adult and not as a
sniveling whiner. I will know that however just or unjust such
judgement may be, many will recognize my sincerity and respect me for
my forthright and honest nature and my respect for others. But I will NOT
accept condescension or judgement from YOU so descend from your horse and
stand amongst men (and women) as an equal rather than a self-appointed
proclaimer of what is worthy and what is unworthy of discussion.

As for your threat of spamming, it carries little weight here as it will
result in the implementation of various hacks which function to deny
incoming mail from specific mail servers or from specific addresses.

Anthony Clifton - Wirehead

> I have one last thing to say about this and then I'll start individually
> spamming the offending parties instead of perpetuating this flood of
> idiocy in the discussion.

> For someone to post outside the bounds of the scope of this discussion
> group is selfish and rude to those who joined the discussion and remain
> within its discussion parameters.
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