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From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 08:47:53 1998

> That's ok, old warnings from the past are hard to get rid of. One
> that I heard just tonight was "if you aren't careful when you make your
> own booze you can go blind". This came from the era when alcohol was
> prohibited, and some unsavory people would repackage denatured alcohol
> (ethanol with a percentage of methanol in it to render it poisonous so if
> you drink it you will either go blind, or die, thus prevent you from
> getting pleasure from UNTAXED alcohol). After a while, they switched to
> formula 19 (methyl isobutyl ketone I think) as the denaturant so you don't
Ok, so *thats* why modern denatured alcohol smells like that! I
recently bought some from a hardware store to clean circuit boards,
and it smelled very strange to me-- it had an MEK 'edge' to it. The
last time I used denatured alcohol was almost twenty years ago-- I
was un-aware that they had changed the 'formula'.

Anyway, I'm seriously considering shelling out some real $$$ for
ethanol-- this new denatured stuff leaves a residue which the old
formula did not. (Anybody remember 'Zeracol' ?)

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