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From: Steve J. Quest <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 00:14:22 1998

On Sun, 25 Jan 1998, PG Manney wrote:

> IT IS CARBON TETRACHLORIDE that produces phosgene when it is
> > reduced on a hot surface. Carbon tet (tetrachloromethane) hasn't been
> > available for 30 years! Funny how legends continue to spread. :)
> H'm. Sorry for shooting off my mouth. Computers (peecees, anyway...) I
> know, but chem is not my cuppa tea.

        That's ok, old warnings from the past are hard to get rid of. One
that I heard just tonight was "if you aren't careful when you make your
own booze you can go blind". This came from the era when alcohol was
prohibited, and some unsavory people would repackage denatured alcohol
(ethanol with a percentage of methanol in it to render it poisonous so if
you drink it you will either go blind, or die, thus prevent you from
getting pleasure from UNTAXED alcohol). After a while, they switched to
formula 19 (methyl isobutyl ketone I think) as the denaturant so you don't
go blind or die, but you _wish_ you were dead. To this day people think
you can go blind from homemade booze. :-/ Some stories never die.....sq

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