MFM drives & Interlink

From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 15:01:39 1998

> >I must be way, way, out there guys. I'm a SpeedStor & FastLynx
> >person, myself.
> OK, now I'll show my ignorance publicly; isn't Speedstor a disk
> compression program? (I think it came\comes with DR-DOS) is it
> functionally related to DM/Interlnk/Laplink?
> Also; what is FastLynx?
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> Grandfather to Zoe and Tegan.

SpeedStor is (er, was) a general purpose disk tool for low-level
formatting, partitioning, and high-level formatting just about ANY
mfm disk drive ever built. It could be used on some ESDI drives, but
my experiences with this were not good.

I wrecked a few of the early IDE drives with it =:-0. It was
produced by Storage Dimensions, and was a direct competitor with
DiskMangler ;-).

Unlike DiskManager though, it never did support IDE drives very well,
hence it faded away. It was good while it was around, though. It
was the first program I can remember that offered an (almost)
fool-proof method of making partitions >30Mb (remember this was
before dos 4.0).

FastLynx: A program from RUPP corporation, alot like LapLink, except
with a much simpler (and easier to use) user interface (IMHO). The
program died off though, as Lap Link became more popular (I still
don't understand why). If you used the serial link, it could upload
itself to the target machine. I still use it.

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