MFM drives & Interlink

From: Barry Peterson <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 17:41:10 1998

On Mon, 26 Jan 1998 15:01:39 -0600, you said:

>> OK, now I'll show my ignorance publicly; isn't Speedstor a disk
>> compression program? (I think it came\comes with DR-DOS) is it
>> functionally related to DM/Interlnk/Laplink?

>SpeedStor is (er, was) a general purpose disk tool for low-level
>formatting, partitioning, and high-level formatting just about ANY
>mfm disk drive ever built. It could be used on some ESDI drives, but
>my experiences with this were not good.

I've discovered the source of (one of) my confusions; the SSTOR I'm
thinking of is SuperStor. It's similar to Stacker and dbl/drvspace.

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