MFM drives & Interlink

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 18:24:34 1998

At 08:21 PM 1/26/98 GMT, you wrote:
>On Mon, 26 Jan 1998 07:52:34 -0600, you said:
>>I must be way, way, out there guys. I'm a SpeedStor & FastLynx
>>person, myself.
>OK, now I'll show my ignorance publicly; isn't Speedstor a disk
>compression program? (I think it came\comes with DR-DOS) is it
>functionally related to DM/Interlnk/Laplink?
>Also; what is FastLynx?
>Barry Peterson

   Fastlynx is another file transfer program similar to LapLink. I've used
both, I like FastLynx MUCH better. I even use it when exploring unknown
disks in a local (non-connected mode). If you have to transfer files
between two systems these programs are the greatest think since sliced
bread! FWIW the cables are the same and will work with either program.

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