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From: Andrew Gammuto <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 23:00:27 1998

There's a lever/spring mechanism that shoves the floppy out when the disk
"carriage" is up and aligned with the slot in the case. When you put in a
disk, it extends the spring, the lever latches, and a microswitch activates
the motor that draws the carriage down. I expect that either the spring is
broke or the lever connected to it is bent. The previous owner probably
shoved in a floppy upside down or backwards and had to wrench it out using
brute force.

Dont laugh. I know someone who repairs machines for a living with GE (they
do repair for Circuit City and others), and he once found a slice of
american cheese in a floppy drive (guess it was a 5-1/4 inch unit). Coins
inside the drives and case are also common sources of PC/Mac repairs. Kids-
you gotta love 'em.

Anyway- the mechanism would go back down after failing to eject. The switch
contacts are still closed, and that's what it's designed to do - keep
running the motor.

You might be able to fix it with a pair of small needlenose pliers if the
spring is not broke. You will have to remove the drive to do this. Be
careful with that paper clip! You could hose up the head, or send a minute
electrical charge through your body that could affect your ability to
reproduce in the future. Unless you are really good with working on tiny
mechanical parts, save yourself the headache and replace the drive.

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Date: Monday, January 26, 1998 11:16 PM
Subject: back ontopic: mac 400k drive.

>part of my new additions last week was a bunch of old mac stuff. i finally
>one of the 400k drives, but its having eject problems. the mechanism was
>so now im able to get a disk in, but when i call it to eject, the motor
>the disk lifts up to the slot, but wont pop out, then the mechanism goes
>down in position to read the disk. it does the same thing when i use a
>clip; it will go up, the disk will stay in, then it goes back down into
>position. amazingly, the drive works fine otherwise. i dont quite
>the mechanicals of it, anyone have ideas?
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