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Date: Mon Jan 26 18:25:53 1998


>... You could hose up the head, or send a minute
> electrical charge through your body that could affect your ability to
> reproduce in the future. Unless you are really good with working on tiny
> mechanical parts, save yourself the headache and replace the drive.

To vent abit...

This reponses is typical of tech-support droid who do not wants
anyone to mess with internal computer parts without giving any tips
or solution besides telling them off to "authorized sites". Compaq
is pretty bad especially when I own years out of date equipment and
needs trival info on two resistors to fix a SLT power brick, I'm
still have not gotten this information yet from anything else. :(
Without fixing that, I can't sell the SLT 286 to others without
losing that only different type working brick cuz I have SLT 386s/20
also. _at_&#!

No fun to listen this especially when if that drive
is no longer in production and *is* nonstandard. All we only do want
some info and real techies are far fewer and far between common guys
with stuff that can use support help so there should not have a fear
of losing $ to those few techies. I really appreciate if some did
released this design to private makers to keep making older non
standad floppy drives for older machines.

That goes double to: any laptop drives (oh how godawful different
they're are!), Mac drives (Apple destroys their return broken parts
when traded in for credits from their authorized service support
places, thus drives up the cost becomes harder to get by the minute),
and many other different drives.

Jason D.
Pero, Jason D.
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