From: John Higginbotham <higginbo_at_netpath.net>
Date: Mon Jan 26 23:19:56 1998

At 05:01 AM 1/27/98 GMT, you wrote:

>I have purchased from Timco a couple of times; he's slow to ship
>but okay to deal with. I guess that's an endorsement.

Me and my friend have had a hard time with Timco. He says he will hold a
product until payment gets there, but then he ends up selling a laptop to
someone else that he was supposedly holding for me for one week. I
eventually got a refund, but my friend had the same luck with him, only he
just got a refund for the cost of the item, not shipping.

Buyer beware. Maybe we just had a run of badluck with the guy. I'm not
condemning him for two mediocre deals, just telling it how it is.

-John Higginbotham-
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