Development, round II

Date: Mon Jan 26 23:13:40 1998

well, you could get your 5150 in several different flavours: one, two or no
floppy drives. i actually saw a pc with no floppies, just had plastic cover
plates so your only choice of saving data would be like an early apple, just
cassette. i never knew of anyone actually doing it though. i might ask some of
the old ibmers when i go back to work.


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> BTW has anyone ever seen someone use the cassette port? I supported
>several hundred early PC user's and never even heard of anyone using the
>cassette port.
 Well, just off the top of my head, the original IBM PC came with two 5 1/4"
 floppy drives. That tells me you'd have to be crazy to even attempt using
 the cassette interface. Either that or have some special purpose
 application (don't even want to imagine what). >>
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