Okimate Interfaces, Interact One

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Date: Tue Jan 27 00:53:34 1998

From: "Cliff Gregory" <cgregory_at_lrbcg.com>
Subject: Re: Okimate 10

> The Okimate 10 uses a serial connection designed for computers without a
> parallel port, such as the Commodore. There are interface cables made to
> allow such a computer to communicate to a printer with a standard centronics
> connector.... [snip]

The Okimate Printers employed a modular interface called a "plug-n-play
module, usually you would find them being Centronics parallel or
Commodore Serial (I am sure there was an Atari SIO too, but I can't be

As far as hooking printers to the
IBM, it takes a parallel port adapter and special printer driver
software.... Given the general speed of the Commodore serial port I
would not bother. Besides, color dot matrix printers can be had for
under $50 at many thrift shops.

P.S. The Okimate is a real hog when it comes to color, expect about only
8 full color pages from a color ribbon, period. The ribbons are thermal
transfer and are one-shot.


From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_wco.com>
Subject: Re: Interact Model One

>On Sun, 25 Jan 1998, Scott Ware wrote:

>> I recently acquired an Interact Model One computer. It's a relatively
>> small unit with calculator-style keys and a built in cassette deck for
>> data storage. Inside, there is an 8080 CPU and 16 Kbytes of RAM. The
>> latest date codes on the components place its manufacture in early 1978.

> Scott, I've got one of these systems, and I've only seen two others: one
> owned by Doug Coward and another that (I THINK) Marvin Johnson bought at
> VCF 1.0.[snip!]

At a very reasonable price too I might add, I was tempted to get it

> These are not very common machines. I think they were used as training
> computers for those "Become a Computer Technician" ads you see in computer
> magazines for those cheezy tech schools.

  I remember seeing Protecto Enterprizes (and possibly COMB too) selling
them they referred to them as "16K color computers." This was before
Protecto started selling VIC-20s and B-128s...

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