DEC Sold to Compaq!

From: Hotze <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 21:36:41 1998

Well, I found out that Atari is kicking. Has anyone heard about the game
"Primal Rage" It's copywrighted to Atari Games.

Tim D. Hotze
PS-It's my opinion that OS/2 (there making a new version) and DEC will be
around, in one form or another, for quite awhile.
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From: Peter Prymmer <>
To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Date: Tuesday, January 27, 1998 4:59 AM
Subject: Re: DEC Sold to Compaq!

>Subj: Re: DEC Sold to Compaq!
>Richard A. Cini wrote:
>>Well, you could see it coming. Poor financial performance (and hence, weak
>>stock price) over the last few years. Weak products. Then, DEC sells-out
>>Crown Jewels (its Alpha procesor) to Intel.
>> After listening to an interview with Eckhard Pfeiffer of Compaq, they
>>paid $9.6 billion for DEC's customer list, not its products. He mentions
>>nothing about DEC's products.
>According to the scoop on DEC web pages and in comp.os.vms and various VMS
>mailing list he said:
> We are committed to...investing in Digital's strategic assets,
> its worldwide service organization, as well as its 64-bit leadership with
> microprocessors, OpenVMS, Digital UNIX and Windows NT enterprise systems,
> open storage, and software products," Eckhard Pfeiffer, president and
> executive officer of Compaq, said in a statement.
>And all the VMS geeks are tickled pink that he mentioned VMS first on the
>of OSes and point out that DEC CEO Bob Palmer hasn't been known to do that.
>> It's a shame...but it seems to me that DEC should have seen it coming.
>>Death comes to the last of the old-line computer companies.
>Well IBM is still alive and kicking (rumour is that the whole OS/2 shop has
>been fired/re-assigned/real-estate liqidated but AS/400 minis and
>are making a strong comeback). I Don't know much about Unisys though...
>Peter Prymmer
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