Computers & Lysol

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 20:05:58 1998

>I don't think using lysol in one is a good idea! I would run it for a
>while and see if that dries it out. I've found that Amway's Pursue spray is
>great for getting rid of odors, just spray it in the area not in the
>machine. Perhaps you should get a portable dehumidifier and run it in
>there to keep down the moisture. It can't be good for the computer either.

I think the problem was where it was stored prior to my getting it. I'm
not a hundred percent sure what piece, or pieces of equipment are the
problem. It's looking as if it _Might_ be the VT220, and I hope this is
the case, as that particulare one doesn't work that great.

Actually it's gotten bad enough in the last day that I'm noticing it, and
in the hour I've been home I now agree it's a problem. I think it's either
the VT220 or the SMS-1000, I pray it's not the MicroVAX II :^(


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