Collectors of Mainframes.

From: Unusual systems <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 20:30:23 1998

Who among you collects mainframes? I couldn't resist asking in light of the
"what's the heaviest portable" thread, because the CPU of IBM System/3 Model
15 I have weighs 1800 lbs.

This list community has already dealt with the question of why collect
mainframes, so let's try to avoid a repeat performance and stick to
answering the lead question.

Many mainframe collectors aren't on the Internet (and frankly, they tell me,
they don't miss it). These people are retired and grew up with big iron so
its natural for them to be drawn to mainframes.

I have the Sys/3 and an IBM 360/22 (complete systems including keypunches
and boxes of unused 80-column cards).

Yours in good faith

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