Collectors of Mainframes.

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 20:46:30 1998

>Who among you collects mainframes? I couldn't resist asking in light of the
>"what's the heaviest portable" thread, because the CPU of IBM System/3 Model
>15 I have weighs 1800 lbs.
Well, I don't have any mainframes, but if I had enough room(like a small
warehouse), I would definitley be looking for one... For now I'm content to
try to fix my IBM Series/1 minicomputer, which was hard enough to get home.
I would hate to see what would happen if I tried to get a mainframe into my

>I have the Sys/3 and an IBM 360/22 (complete systems including keypunches
>and boxes of unused 80-column cards).
That brings up two questions:
1) Where do I find old punch cards(used or "new")
2) Would it be possible to hook up a punch card reader to a PC? Read old
punch cards with your PC using a mainframe emulator! Yes, I have seen
mainframe emulators. I think it's mostly for development(it's a System/370
assembly language emulator IIRC), and it's in one of the big archives...
I'll try to find it and post the URL.
Meanwhile, I'm sitting here pissed of at the President, because the TV
station here put him on instead of The Simpsons... >:-(

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