UCSD Pascal on Apple IIs

From: David Williams <dlw_at_neosoft.com>
Date: Wed Jan 28 04:03:03 1998

Sorry about that first one.

On 27 Jan 98 at 23:42, Kip Crosby wrote:

> At 15:33 1/28/98 +1100, Huw Davies wrote:
> >....I seem to remember
> >that to run UCSD Pascal you needed the "Euro+" Apple II. Can anyone confirm
> >this?
> Well, that's not a combo I've run, but if a Europlus will do it, any
> ][+ should do it, the implication being that you need 48K RAM. (32K
> mainboard and the Language Card?? Help me out here....)

Any Apple II with 64k (II and II+ with 48k motherboard and 16k ram
card or IIe with 64k motherboard) can run UCSD Pascal. Apple sold
UCSD Pascal and Fortran themselves. It's only takes, booting the
disks to get it to run. I picked up mine not too long after I bought
my II+ in 1980. Next to 6502 assembly, it was my prefered language
at the time. My Fortran disks went bad long time ago, if anyone has
these they'd like to get rid of let me know.
David Williams - Computer Packrat
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